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August 23, 2012


John Wallace

Thanks Gary. Many of us will not risk stepping out of pseudo-community because we're afraid of being rejected or marginalized by the guardians of our respective communities. We prefer pseudo-community to isolation. As a church leader, I have at times contributed to others' fears because of my own fear of chaos. I've let my "problem children" walk away and quietly breathed sighs of relief when I should have been going after them like Jesus pursued the one lost sheep out of a hundred. Authentic community requires hard!, hard!, hard! work and the path there is not efficient. May God bless your new series!

Tracy Smith

I'm Truly embracing your way of teaching the Gospel and feel that even with my faults, I'm welcome @WCC ..Thank you and I'm looking forward to this new series of sermons!

Mary McAuliffe

This is what I found first at a twelve-step group, and later at WCC. I wouldn't want to live any other way!

Gary Combs

John, thanks for reading! Yes, I know the challenge of going after our "problem children." I'm sure our record is mixed on this, but when we've gone after them and found them willing to return, it results in enriched and deepened relationships.

Tracy, thanks. We're looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Mary, you are one of those authentic people that just won't allow the rest of us to linger at a "pseudo-community" level!

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