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April 13, 2012


Debra Elramey

Gary, making friends is good enough reason to invite ALL to WCC front yard. Hats off!

Gary Combs

Thanks for the support Debi!

Mike Massey

Sharing the gospel is better done once a credible relationship has been established. Build the relationship first and let God handle the rest.

Gary Combs

Well said Mike. We have a similar saying at WCC: "Build a bridge of trust that will bear the weight of Truth."

Rosalinda Hone

The event that your church organized is inspiring. It's definitely a good start to build friendship and trust within your community. Hopefully, your church would have another Easter egg hunt next year. This could encourage the youth to attend and be a part of your growing church. I suggest that you separate the activities of the teens and the kids when you plan to have this event again next year. :)

Gary Combs

Thanks for your encouragement and suggestion, Rosalinda!

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