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April 06, 2012


Mike Wheeler

I would have loved to have touched Him with my hands... For some of us being real doesn't look pretty to the average Christian. Sometimes the most attractive box is the empty one. Being a real Christian may alienate us from friends or even family. But I agree being real is the only way to convince our youth to carry on the faith!

Mike Massey

Gary once again you have hit the nail dead center. Some, not all, churches are not getting real enough with these teenagers. Experienced christians have all too often been the first too slam the judgement on the youth. Forgetting where we where before we accepted the gift of grace is why we are seeing such a big disconnect between christians and non believers as well as the youth today. Sorry, but telling a youth to "just pray about it" or "you'll go to hell if you do that" isn't going to cut it anymore. They want us to share with them our wretched past, because if they don't know we were just as filthy as they feel right now then we can't make that connection. We need to stop pretending we don't have a past or we are ashamed of it. The youth are seeing right through that hypocrisy of us as adult leaders and we better wake up and be willing to get down and dirty and fully invest in their lives. Share with them what to expect as they journey, give them insight on our past and the mistakes we made, but being mindful to know the difference between when our opinion is being asked for vs them just wanting us to listen and say nothing. We need to quite condeming these kids too soon and too often as they are not fully developed in their faith. Would we stay with a new job if your boss offered no real training, but would consistently condemn you everyday without first showing you how to do the job? I wouldn't and that could be just one of the reasons why some teens run as far and as fast as they can from church when they head off to college or leave high school. I know personally of leaders today in Wilson County still teaching young people that comtemporary christian and christian rap music is bad and the beat will make them want to sin. The church we grew up in during the 80's and 90's are long gone and we better kick that mentality ASAP if we expect to have any hope of reaching this generation. We all screw up, this generation wants more than bible thumping, fire and brimestone fear messages. They want authenticity, they want acceptance and they want a relationship with someone with real credibility. They want to see leaders actively living out Matt22:37-40 and not just screaming it to them. This ofcourse is my .02, but I have a teen at home and trust me when I say I am 100% fully invested in her and she knows the dirty stuff in my past. I can't expect to be an effective leader to other teens if I can't lead my teen in my own home. So with that said, nice to see WCC up and running in their new home. Take care.

Gary Combs

Thanks for commenting Mike. Great to hear from you!

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