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November 04, 2011



Great post! I greatly appreciate your youth leader's paralleling of your relationship with your father and your Father. Similar metaphors in my life have expressed God's love for us in ways that I don't think could have been done in any other way, sorta like Romans 1:20.
For the orphans, what if these were your children? If my children lose me before I can teach them, I pray that someone like your youth leader will be present in their lives. I pray that we all strive to be the arms and legs of God's will, to love each other - to love as a verb.
Great post, thank you very much, very encouraging.

Gary Combs

Thanks for commenting D.


Praise be to the LORD - Father to the fatherless

Amy Wall

Thanks for Sharing this story pastor Gary. I have never told you but I also had a youth leader who opened my eyes. I realized that I was running from the one thing that I Wanted.

Gary Combs

Thanks for commenting Amy! It just goes to show how important youth pastors are to our students, doesn't it?

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