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September 12, 2008


Lee and Nicole

You guys are so special to me and Nicole. We are praying for you all and praising God for the legacy Robin's father has left. Gary, I know that God used Mr. Conner to help shape you into the shepherd-servant you have become today, and God has used you to help me to come to and then grow closer to Christ. Therefore, I also get to enjoy the fruit of Mr. Conners legacy!

Our neighbor John, also lost his father to a sudden massive heart attack last week. Becky, John's wife, immediately called Nicole from John's parents house while EMS was in the house trying to revive John's father. John and Becky are not believers, but Becky said that she did not know what else to do but to call Nicole and ask her to pray. We immediately prayed and then began ministering to the family. Nicole rounded up all the ladies in the hood to prepare meals for all of the family coming in from NY. We also kept their younger son when needed. We made ourselves available for any need that arose. This past week, a few days after the funeral, Becky called Nicole asking about church. She said that she wanted to have a heart like Nicole's. She said that she wanted to be close to God but that there was a bottomless chasm separating her from Him. (4 Spiritual Laws....hmmmm, I think I still have one of those tracts in my Deacon's Notebook). John has said in the past that he does not feel that he is "good enough" to walk in to a church. They are planning to go to church with us this Sunday! Thank you Gary and Robin, for showing us how to minister to those who are hurt and greiving. We are praying that you will be ministered to during this time. Nicole and I have learned that even through the worst of times, God will still use them for Good! Praise God for the legacy Mr. Conner left to you and Robin and that you two have given to us.

Jimmy and Christy Gurgone

Hey P. Gary,

Please give Robin our sincere sympathy for the passing of her father and we want you all to know that we love you and are praying for your strength and that God wraps you up with his love. You both were so good to me and my family when my Aunt passed and I wish I could be there to just give you a great big hug. Take care and get some rest.

Dennis and Lynn Gurgone

We are sorry to hear about Robin's dad. You know that we both love you guys and we will be praying for you not just now but in the future also. You have always been there for us and know it is our turn to be there for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do. Just remember that through it all God gets the glory and know that there is good in every bad situation. What may be bad for you just might be a blessing for someone else. Take care and remember that we love you.

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