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April 17, 2008



. . . your prayer for leaving a legacy . . . I think that is already apparent!


Thank God for those faithful ancestors whose greatest gift to their descendants was to point them to Jesus. They had no way of knowing they would effect so many of our lives even after they were gone. To pass that torch is the greatest legacy one can leave.


WOW!!! This photo is AWESOME! We've got good jeans Daddy! And if you are worried about leaving a good mark on your family.. look no further... you have DONE good so far! I love you! Look at us.. we look up to you!!

Chris Shelton


That is so amazing to see the picture of your dad! Cool story!

Susie Dillon Fryrear

Gary....you are such an amazing man..I love you so my cousin. Although I didn't get the time with my Dad that you had, I charish every moment I had with with your family. You, Barry, Cheral and Aunt Wilda placed a bright light for Jesus in my heart that will never dim. My prayer is too also leave a legacy for my children and a thousand generations to come..I love you and that is a great picture too...

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