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April 24, 2008


Mike Wheeler

Darwin attended the Caimbridge England seminary of Christ's Church early on, planning to become a minister, then got sidetracked into his studies of zoology, geology, and biology while on a five year voyage to the south seas. Luke 6:49 spells out his probable demise. Look it up and keep your ears open to biblical science.


Jeremiah and I simultaneously turned to each other when "seeding" by aliens (who, of course, went through Darwinian evolution first) was suggested and uttered the question they, like parents of 2-yr-olds everywhere, hate to hear . . . "So, where did they come from?"

Gary Combs

As you say... no two year old would be satisfied with that answer. One must be rather desperate to live without God to settle for such.

Glad to hear you and Jeremiah went to see it. Cool.

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