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March 22, 2007


Chris Shelton

I'll chime in on the whole 'Desynchronization Effect' frustration, especially when it's come to my PDA. The only advantage I can see is that it's challenging my mind to remember more things (appointments, engagements, etc.) than I normally do (which is also a bit discouraging, considering the fact I depend so much on such a frustrating piece of equipment).

I'm challenged by this thought of 'Desynchronization,' which spurred me to remember something this week spoken by another pastor concerning 'vision,' and the future of how we extend the Gospel of Christ, allowing it to pass through us into new cultures and new generations. It was posed in a question: "Is your vision for a new church (or a new ministry) based on a preference, or was it given uniquely, divinely from God?" Great question.

My fear is that I'm prone to make such a mistake; that I'd like to establish the game-plan for taking the Gospel to the world according to my preferences, my current comforts, my current knowledge...and not based on my strengths matched with my potential to continue to move forward in new, innovative and challenging ways of sharing and reflecting Someone (Jesus) and Something (New Life in Him) that I'm so passionate about. (Wow...that was a long sentence!)

To wrestle with this thought some more, does our apprehension toward the "Desynchronization Effect" - when it comes to our faith - come out of a fear that our faith will fall apart, or perhaps become weakened through the process of change and adjustment? Because if that's our fear, then perhaps we should question how strong our faith truly is to begin with.

Just adding to the discussion...

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